Hey internuterz!

Well since this is the ‘about me’ page I’ll tell you a little about me. The rest you will have to figure out from my blogz as to who I am and what I’m about.

My name is Balphazar a.k.a Balphy The Dino. The one and only Dino. I am an avid gamer and love everything techy. I started blogging as a means of venting my frustration and then came to find that it is just fun to ramble and talk about random stuff on my mind. 

Mostly what I talk about are things I find intriguing or interesting. Like topics ranging from gaming news to human behaviour. I cover a variety of topics. I try to make it so mostly all can relate to it.

If you care to hang out with me hit me a coment or a message. My XBL GT: Balphy The Dino.
Twitter: @Balphy
Aim: thcool303
MSN: thcool303@hotmail.com



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