3 comments on “Just when things in my life are going great…

  1. it may not be any of my business and u might not want my opinion but we used to be friends so i am going to give you some advice from one old friend to another…i believe that when something is meant to be it will be…maybe things seem hard right now but that is the test for you at this moment in time……don’t dismiss the one that holds your heart until you can say you have truely given it your all…if you have told her what you feel and she doesnt try to make it better then you are the only one trying to make it work…a relationship is 50/50 not 80/20…i know we have drifted apart as friends but no matter what i am always here for you even if it is just a lil advice…great news about the military..very honorable…please try to cheer up and remember you are a motivator not a pessimist…be all the dino that you can be..good luck and be safe

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