5 comments on “Time goes by and yet the pain stays

  1. Very True Teacher, You may wonder who i am but i am just a pupil of yours haha but moving on to why i’m commenting. Dealing with break-ups is difficult, the more you have the easier it should become, I personally deal with it by talking with someone about it, Letting it out balphazar is important, it is one of the steps in healing. don’t contain how you feel, let it out, let it be known how you feel and you will feel better. Don’t wallow, don’t dwell, it will lead to depression and how will we learn from you wise one hmm? Be around those who care and love you, like you said your friends and their light, the light of their hearts will shun the darkness. remember this your never alone, you’ll always have those who care about you. like i do. 🙂 My doors are always open balphazar, just ask and i’ll be there for you

    • Aww thanks halogirl. I knew who you were. As always ill say the same to you. Also its nice to be able to fill in some of the depression with some old fassion fun through video games 🙂 if you wanna game some time please don’t hesitate. Ill own you you in everything Muhahahahahaha!

      • LOL balphazar fails. THis is not miss christina but i do applaud you for your valiant effort balphazar!!! 😀 no no teacher i guess you do have something to learn haha. We’ll meet again wise one, until the next blog

  2. oh nothing finishing the assignment get on facebook lol we can chat easier there ya 😀

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